Performance Lawn

Construction on the Performance Lawn is now complete. The Performance Lawn and the section of Greenway that runs through the area are now reopened to the public. Please note the Performance Lawn and Greenway will be closed during Special Events. Take a look at our Events Calendar to learn more about those dates.

Greater in size than two football fields, the Performance Lawn is a carefully maintained open area providing a natural amphitheater-like setting perfect for concerts, festivals, parties and other special events. The south end of the Lawn features an acre of reinforced turf, which will support portable stages, motor vehicle traffic and concertgoers. The venue is encircled by a fence and has three gates affording controlled access into the site. Electricity and water are readily accessible to meet the needs of event planners. Ample restroom facilities are located nearby.
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Park Hours: 6:00 am until midnight

Fountain Hours: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm (Mid-April to Mid-October)

Park Rules

• Electric scooters must be ridden in the streets and are not allowed on sidewalks, lawns, or greenways
• No skateboarding
• Keep pets on leashes and clean up after your pet
• No littering
• No pets allowed in the fountain
• Vending, solicitation or use of alcoholic beverages without proper permits is prohibited
• No swimming or wading in the pond areas
• Possession of firearms or other weapons is prohibited
• The use of charcoal grills is prohibited
• Glass containers are prohibited in the fountain area only
• Cleats/spikes are not allowed on the lawn
• All events must be scheduled through the Public Building Authority at (865) 215-8160
• All visitors are subject to video monitoring while on these premises.
• Please contact Park Patrol at 215-2246 if you are in need of assistance


PARK PATROL: (865) 215-2246

The park is staffed by Park Patrol officers at all times. Emergency phones are located throughout the park. All visitors are subject to video monitoring while on these premises.


Eleventh Street, Clinch Avenue and World’s Fair Park Drive provide direct vehicular access to numerous parking areas:

Fort Kid Lot (78 spaces)
WFP North Lot (100 car spaces and four bus spaces)
Blackstock Lot (364 spaces)
Locust Street Garage (642 spaces)
Visit PBA Parking for More Information


125,000 square feet (260 x 480)


Commercial Rate
$1,500 per day. Any event lasting over three days will receive a 25% reduction on the per day cost beginning on the fourth day

Non-Profit Rate (Must provide copy of charter)
$1,125 per day. Any event lasting over three days will receive a 25% reduction on the per day Cost beginning on the fourth day

Other special event rates

Seven 200-amp electrical boxes; three each 3-phase on east side, two each on south side, two each on west side, two 3-phase 100-amp circuits on west side.

Backstage Phone Lines
Promoter/Lessee responsibility

Cable TV Lines
Promoter/Lessee responsibility

Refer to section 3.1 of Lease

Ticket Booths
Promoter/Lessee responsibility

Backstage Access
Limited parking available

Backstage Office Facilities
Promoter/Lessee responsibility

Restrooms – Security Building
Women's - 11 stalls including a handicapped stall. Men's - 2 stalls including one accessible, 7 urinals

Restrooms – Under Clinch Avenue Bridge
Women's - 12 stalls including a handicapped stall. Men's - 5 stalls including one accessible, 2 urinals

Portable Toilets
Provided by Promoter/Event Sponsor/Lessee

A 6-foot chain link fence encloses the lawn

Vehicle traffic enters at the west gate off 11th Street (26-foot-wide double gate), pedestrians enter through one of two 10-foot-wide double gates located at the north and south ends of the lawn

Promoter/Lessee responsibility

Standard permits required by City of Knoxville – see attached permit information
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