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The Public Building Authority of Knox County the City of Knoxville (PBA) performs three distinct functions for both the City and County: management of construction projects, management of facilities and grounds, and management of telephone systems. In the case of telephone system management, PBA also manages the phone system for the Knox County School District.

PBA acts as a consolidated department of the City and County within its operating responsibilities. This saves the City and County tax payers money, in that the City and County no longer need to have the expertise in the three functional areas PBA manages but share the costs of that expertise via PBA.
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963 World's Fair Park Drive
Knoxville, TN 37916
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• Lisa A. - Events Coordinator
• Rachel J. - Assistant Events Coordinator

Park rules

• Electric scooters must be ridden in the streets and are not allowed on sidewalks, lawns, or greenways
• No skateboarding
• Keep pets on leashes and clean up after your pet
• No littering
• No pets allowed in the fountain
• Vending, solicitation or use of alcoholic beverages without proper permits is prohibited
• No swimming or wading in the pond areas
• Possession of firearms or other weapons is prohibited
• The use of charcoal grills is prohibited
• Glass containers are prohibited in the fountain area only
• Cleats/spikes are not allowed on the lawn
• All events must be scheduled through the Public Building Authority at (865) 215-8160
• All visitors are subject to video monitoring while on these premises.
• Please contact Park Patrol at 215-2246 if you are in need of assistance


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